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Special Watering Permits

A special Watering Permit may be issued, upon application, to customers who have watering needs that cannot be met due to Conservation Regulations (Bylaw 274).  These permits may be limited to a short time frame to allow a specific task to be done or for a longer term for agricultural or other purposes.

There is no charge for a special Watering Permit. However, in times of drought, the Board of Trustees may have to make some hard decisions that may limit the water supply of some customers for the greater good of all.  Therefore, Watering Permits are subject to immediate repeal should drought conditions warrant as it is the District’s priority to provide treated drinking water for domestic needs for homes, schools, the hospital, care homes, hotels, restaurants, etc.

Special permits may be issued for (but are not limited to):

  • power washing to prepare a surface for other work such as painting or refinishing – all other power washing should be completed before May 1st
  • commercial or agricultural watering needs outside of Conservation Level hours and/or days

Customers with a special watering requirement must apply for a permit in writing to the District office, c/o the Office Manager, detailing the reason(s)/purpose for which a permit is needed and for how long.  Permits must be displayed at your home or business.

The Board would like to assure our ratepayers that the District values all its customers and that we strongly support the viability of all our local businesses.  We are always willing to work with customers and have an open door policy. We will do our best to work with individual customers to find a solution to their watering needs, while taking into consideration the needs of all ratepayers and the District.

Per conservation regulations, the following circumstances do not qualify for a special permit:

  • watering parks or playing fields
  • lawn watering, including new lawns (please sod or seed in the spring or fall)
  • field irrigation
  • non-micro drip irrigation
  • vehicle washing
  • pool filling – please refer to Pool Filling Permits