Water Distribution & Conservation:

Note: Odd watering days begin with the first day of the month, even with the second, and are based on whether or not your address is odd or even numbered.

Bylaw 282 – Overview of Bylaw 282’s conservation levels

Bylaw 282 – Water Distribution 2017 – Jan 2/18 – Registered Jan 18, 2018

Taxation, Water and Other Rates

Bylaw 284 – Taxation 2 2018 (Class Q)

Bylaw 281 – Taxation 1 2018 (Dec 2017)

Bylaw 276 – Water Tolls Bylaw 2016

Bylaw 269 – Comprehensive Capital Expenditure Charge (Water) Bylaw 269

Bylaw 283 –  Miscellaneous Charges Dec 2017

Bylaw 279 – Taxation Bylaw 2017

Bylaw 273 – Taxation Bylaw 2016

Bylaw 266 – Taxation Bylaw 2015

Other Bylaws

Bylaw 264 – St. Mary Treatment Plant Borrowing Bylaw

Bylaw 271 – Subdivision Water Regulations Bylaw

Bylaw 272 – Bare-Land Strata Subdivision Water Regulations Bylaw


Bylaw 278 – Assessment Bylaw

Did You Know?

Did you know that in addition to complying with bylaws established by the Islands Trust and/or the CRD, property owners in the NSSWD must also comply with the District’s bylaws for Subdivision (#s 271 & 272) and Water Distribution (#274)?  Bylaw #274 includes governance of changes to water use on a property. For example, if you are planning to change the current use of your property, perhaps by adding a business such as a B&B/AirBnB, or subdividing your lot, you must apply to the District and have all changes in use approved by the Board of Trustees.  The District works closely with the Building Inspection office and the Islands Trust planning department to ensure that the current moratorium on additional demand is maintained.

Letters Patent

Letters Patent – North Salt Spring Waterworks District