Job Postings & RFPs

Job Postings & RFPs


Financial Officer/Office Manager

Position Purpose:

Reporting to the District Manager and working closely with the Board of Trustees this is a three-fold position.  As Financial Officer the incumbent is responsible for the financial management of the district.   District Assessor responsibilities include dealing with ministries and other government agencies and the District’s ratepayers to levy taxes and tolls, and to initiate by-law changes and implementation.  While Office Manager responsibilities include the general administration of the district office, management of the office staff, and human resource management for the district.

Initially the incumbent will also fill the statutory role of Corporate Officer responsible for the fiduciary responsibilities of the District; submitting bylaws and annual reports to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs & Housing, keeping the District’s corporate records (minutes, bylaws, etc.) and corporate seal, and other related administrative duties.

We are looking for a service-oriented, multi-tasking person able to work closely and effectively with a small team, who thinks strategically in the short and long-term and is able to grasp and communicate the big picture.

Role specific knowledge, skills and abilities:

  • Demonstrated on-the-job leadership experience.
  • Demonstrated ability to deal frequently with sensitive situations involving the exercise of utmost tact, discretion, and judgement.
  • Exceptional motivation, team building, and interpersonal skills.
  • Demonstrated experience and knowledge of accounting principles and practices, human resource principles and practices and generally accepted administrative practices.
  • Operational knowledge of the BC Local Government Act and the Improvement District Handbook, the BC Employment Standards Act and other Canadian regulatory standards and legislation.
  • Project management skills and the ability to manage multiple projects, both small and large, with diverse objectives and deadlines.
  • Ability to deal tactfully, courteously and effectively with the public, staff, and management.

Key Accountabilities/Position Outcomes:

  • Provides leadership, technical expertise, and expert advice and support to the organization in the areas of preparation and management of operating budgets, ensuring compliance with all procedural, operational and financial requirements.
  • Has a thorough knowledge of relevant legislation (e.g. Local Government Act) pertaining to District operations.
  • Excellent communication, customer service, and public relations skills.
  • Must be able to effectively establish and maintain working relationships with staff, the Board, sub-committees and/or commissions, contractors and representatives of other districts.
  • Provides professional assistance and guidance in the interpretation and requirements of the legislation, letters patent and by-laws relevant to the mandate of the District.
  • Actively develops, reviews and implements policies, procedures and practices as necessary to ensure consistent corporate application and appropriate best practices.
  • Ensures policies, structures, systems, resources and management practices are in place and effectively support operational initiatives.
  • Ensures regulatory compliance including liaison with staff, government agencies and professional consultants to provide technical assistance and guidance to ensure relevant legislation and guidelines are met.
  • Works closely with senior staff in the development of budgets and financial processes.
  • Works closely with senior staff to determine current operating requirements and leads the preparation of annual and capital budgets, authorizes expenditures, and ensures appropriate budgetary controls in line with corporate standards.
  • Ensures the District’s financial obligations are met.
  • Provides mentorship and coaching to other administrative staff, supporting them in learning and growth opportunities.
  • Uses diplomacy, tact and strong written/verbal communication, presentation and relationship building skills to maintain strong relationships with internal and external partners and stakeholders and ensures a positive message is communicated to the community at large


Diploma or degree in Finance or Business Administration, or other related post-secondary education supplemented by accounting courses and/or at least second year CPA or CMA as well as job specific computer courses, or an equivalent combination of education and experience, and a thorough knowledge of relevant legislation. Ten (10) years office management experience in a small to medium sized office, preferably in a local government environment, including substantial experience in a leadership role. Experience to include budgeting, accounting, office and project administration and human resources management.  Experience in asset management and/or purchasing systems an asset, as is experience with iCity financial management software.

We offer a competitive salary and benefits package.

Click here to view the complete job description.

Closing Date:  3:00 pm – February 16, 2018

Please send your resume and a cover letter stating how your qualifications and experience would meet our requirements to:

Anne Williams, Financial Officer/Office Manager –

We thank all applicants for their interest. However, only those selected for an interview will be contacted.


RFP 005 – Website Redesign

Requests for Proposals – Website Redesign

The District is looking for a local contractor to redesign this website.  Click here for  RFP 005 Website Re-design

This site is used for information purposes by customers and the general public, both locals and tourists.  There are no sales or advertising components or need for them.  It provides district news; information about the district’s rates, trustee meeting dates, various projects, staff and history; copies of documents – minutes, bylaws, reports, policies, financial statements, newsletters, forms, etc.; FAQs, and other general information.  The home page also features current news posts and the current water regulation level.

Currently, the District uses WordPress as its website design platform.  It works well, however, the design and layout of the site is now over seven years old, the header is overly large, and the platform does not necessarily work as well on all of today’s viewing devices – PC, Laptop, tablet or iPad, android or iPhone, or other devices.  Site updates are currently, and will continue to be, done in house.  However, significant and/or complicated changes and site software updates are done by the current designer.

The District would like to redesign the site to be more user-friendly from three key perspectives:

  • Readability on multiple types of devices, and
  • Being easy for users to navigate and find information, while having a fresh and appealing new look.
  • Having lots of relevant information available, with older information/documents available in an accessible, searchable archive.

The website does not necessarily have to be changed from WordPress, but other options should to be explored.  An analysis of the pros and cons of the current structure may be needed.  Content needs to be reviewed for current relevance, and public documents archived in an easy to retrieve manner. The latter will be done in cooperation with district staff.

The District is currently running a contest for a new logo.  The goal for the new logo will be to have a simple graphic that speaks to what the District does, that is easily identifiable and can be incorporated for use on multiple types of media – print (stationary, business cards, signage, etc.) and on the website.


Logo Design Contest

February 10, 2018 – The entry deadline for this has now closed and we are no longer accepting submissions.

Win a Household Water Conservation Package

Do you have hidden or not so hidden design talent?

The Waterworks needs a fresh, simple, new logo design for use across a variety of print and online media including; letterhead, business cards, our website and advertising, as well as for a range of large and small signage on buildings, equipment, trucks and fences.

Our business is water.  The District provides fresh, clean, potable drinking water to a large portion of Salt Spring Island via a comprehensive water distribution system from our two water treatment plants.  Our customers include over 5,500 year-round residents, the hospital, schools, hotels and restaurants, and many island businesses in the village of Ganges, in addition to thousands of island visitors.  We strongly promote water conservation and continually collect environmental data towards a better understanding of our watersheds.  We participate with local and provincial agencies and schools to raise conservation and watershed management awareness on the island.

The contest is open to all islanders and the successful designer will win a Household Water Conservation Package consisting of a low-flush toilet, water-saver shower head and a rain barrel.

Ideally the logo should be either a pictorial, wordmark or lettermark type format or a combination of any two of these.  Abstracts will also be considered. We currently use two tag lines: “flowing fresh and clean” or “Every Drop Counts”.  We’re looking for a stand-alone image that does not need to incorporate both our name and/or a tag line, but is able to accommodate the addition of either or both when needed, that evokes the essence of our tag lines and what we do.

The current colour pallet is preferred, but suggestions for change are welcome.  The colour pallet should relate to water.

Designs will be judged on the following merits:

  • Is it aesthetically pleasing?
  • Does it have a timeless quality, so the logo will not become dated?
  • Memorability – is it highly recognizable and easy to recall?
  • Does it have a “breakthrough” quality, that is, does it stand out in the midst of other logos?
  • Is it suitable for our product – water – does it convey a message that promotes clean, fresh water flowing to homes and businesses?
  • Does it fit well in the spaces in which it will most likely appear – i.e. it has the most advantageous (vertical/horizontal) orientation including:
    • Small (e.g. business card) spaces
    • Recognition at a distance of up to 100 meters on larger signage
    • A version of it looks good in black and white
  • Can it be used with or without a tag line?
  • Are fonts for tag lines and/or our name suitable for large or small-scale use – are they clear and readable?
  • Does it reinforce the Waterworks brand name or tagline(s) or both?
  • Does it evoke positive emotions?
  • It does not evoke negative or unintended associations.

Key Dates:

Contest Opens: January 15, 2018
Submission Deadline: February 9, 2018, 4:00 pm
Submission Judging: Week of February 12, 2018
Board Approval/Winner Declared: February 22, 2018, 4:00 pm

Please submit your entry in electronic or print format to:

Anne Williams, Office Manager
North Salt Spring Waterworks District
761 Upper Ganges Rd.
Salt Spring Island, BC V8K 1K8 – please use Subject Line: Logo Contest

Please include your name, address and phone number with your entry.

Note: The Selection Committee reserves the right not to select a winner, if in its sole discretion, no suitable entries are received.