NSSWD Receives Two Critical Reports by Dr. Maggie Squires, limnologist

The District is pleased to announce the completion of two critical reports by Dr. Maggie Squires, limnologist.

The first report, Internal Phosphorus Loading in Lakes: How It Works and Why Artificial Aeration Doesn’t Work, is a review of the literature on the subject of artificial aeration including advancements in understanding of the mechanisms of internal phosphorus loading and why aeration doesn’t work to decrease it. The report was commissioned by the District to assist with future decision-making by the Board of Trustees with respect to the aerators in St. Mary Lake.

The second report, Phosphorus Sources and Sinks at St. Mary Lake, Salt Spring Island, BC: Results of the 2014-15 Special Study and Analysis o f 40-Years of Water Quality Data, provides an overview of the limnology of St. Mary Lake, an up-to-date assessment of the relative importance of various phosphorus sources and sinks, and the impact of aeration on lake water phosphorus chemistry. This report also contains recommendations for the aerators and for further study of St. Mary Lake.

Staff have also written a Summary Report on the findings.

All documents are available for viewing or download in our Documents/Reports section.